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Machining Centers

Sharnoa produce 3, 4 and 5 Axes Machining Centers. Controlled by Sharnoa CNC Controls with unique combination of performance and friendly operation

High speed and high Accuracy

Block processing less than 0.1 millisecond.

Dual lines of encoders

Open architecture

Huge advantages in communication and networking.

Built-in high speed DNC with unlimited storage volume.

Advanced and friendly graphics, Solid presentation

Look ahead, Feed forward and S-curve speed control. 

Linear, Circular, Helical, Spline interpolations. 

Backlash, Single, cross-axis and 3-D position compensations.

M Series

    3 and 4 Axes.

    Rigid structure.

    X Travels up to 3000 mm.

    Wide range of Spindle Speeds and Power.

5 Axes Machining Centers


    Table diameter up to 250 mm.

    Rotary Axes by Torque motors.

    High Speed Spindles.

    ATC – 30 Tools.


   Table diameter 400mm.

   Rotary Axes by Torque motors [option mechanical].

   Powerful Spindles.

   ATC – 48 Tools.


   Very strong structure.

   Table diameter 400, 600 mm.

   Rotary Axes by Roller Gear Cam.

   Powerful Spindles.

   ATC – 60Tools.

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