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CNC Controls

Sharnoa develops CNC Controls since the late 1970s, so far nine generations.

Seven generations of the Tiger family followed by the state of the art Archimedes, Aristotle and Pythagoras systems.

Sharnoa controls combine modern motion technology with the ever growing computer power.

PCs are used for communication and data storage since 1987.

Open architecture system has huge advantages in communication and networking.


Sharnoa controls feature:

DSP electronics.

Block processing less than 0.1 millisecond.

Built in high speed DNC with unlimited storage volume.

Look ahead, Feed forward and S-curve speed control.

Linear, Circular, Helical, Spline interpolations.

Backlash, Single, cross-axis and 3-D position compensations.

Temperature compensation.

Advanced and friendly graphics, Solid presentation.

Built-in contouring Rotary Table software.

Aristotle & Archimedes

5 Axes CNC Controls


5 Axes, High Speed CNC Controls

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