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About Us

Sharnoa center of operations in Israel 

R&D, Engineering and production.


Europe support center in Lyon, France

Thousands of Sharnoa Machining Centers sold all over the world.


CNC Controls

The first Sharnoa CNC Controls, “Tiger I” entered the market in 1978.

In 1987 Sharnoa introduced the “Tiger V”, one of the first CNC Controls that included PC.

Tiger CNC Control 5 Axes Machining Centers since the early 1980’s.

21st Century CNC Controls, now in the market, Archimedes, Aristotle and Pythagoras. 


Machining Centers

Sharnoa produces machining centers in several sizes including sophisticated 5 Axes machines.

Accuracy, Speed and special features made Sharnoa machines popular in Mold & Die applications.



Sharnoa controls are ideal for retrofits of valuable used machines, especially 5 Axes.


Get In Touch

Sharnoa Computerized Machines LTD.

6 Ravnitski St.,

Petach Tikva 4900617


Tel:  +972 3 909 7999

Fax: +972 3 933 5343


12 Rue d’Italie Z.A Europe

69780 MIONS


Tel +33 4 7228 1515

Fax +33 4 7228 1510

Portable +33 6 1740 6546

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